car // c r a s h

there will be no carcrash in the story, but i wanted the path test to be as spectacular as possible ­čÖé

smoke sim broke down, and further testing is not needed, very work in progress hehe


blender // a t h m o s p h e r e

two tests of blenders athmosphere simulation

also a test how far its possible to drive the modifierstack of the house, 10×10 duplicates, relief etc

modifier tests

a few videos with tests of modifiers and constraints, to visualize the characters view.


street modifier test

a little test of the modifier stack


the great re-modeling

i decided to remodel the characters, after i looked at my styleguide.

also i made big changes in the output pipeline, to get a more cartoony look.


i tested the cars in the city today

face texture/UV-test

testing the UV texture with a test face, which i called hebert. for a good reason.

this will not be the final texture, so dont get used to it ­čÖé