C O M P O S I T I N G test // night / rain

i started testing for the night scenes, the raindrops are overlayed, the rest is render output.

the colored lightning is made mostly by reading out the z-depth and converting it to a color map, where the nearest objects are colored slightly yellow, the mid objects are colored in blue, and the objects near the horizon are colored darkblue to black.

by this i try to make the viewer believe, that the yellow light next to the camera is made by the streetlights, without actually having real light sources as streetlights

there are 80 cars with raymirror material and semitransparent raymirror windshields, and 8 houseblocks with around 1200 raymirrored windows in it and rendertime is 2:20min for fullHD on one dualcore machine 🙂

iam rendering it on around 40 quadcore i7 imacs, so iam looking forward to render in near realtime ^^