vw golf // v a r i a t i o n s

color variations


dogs dogs // d o g s

this time, not only the mesh is fully morphable, but also the texture is blendable.

but as the leg-lenght changes, i might get problems rigging them ..

modifier tests

a few videos with tests of modifiers and constraints, to visualize the characters view.


street modifier test

a little test of the modifier stack


the great re-modeling

i decided to remodel the characters, after i looked at my styleguide.

also i made big changes in the output pipeline, to get a more cartoony look.

indoor lightning test

i started to model the first of three indoor scenes




i tested the cars in the city today

more cars

i remodeled the vw t3 after some input from a t3 owner, and added a few more heavy cars

for a light switching demo :

VW T3 variations

for adding traffic extra low poly no subsurface, only smooth faces


city lights test

i testet 13 duplicated blocks 15000 leafs pear block and still under 2 min on a dual core

that calls for more hehe