speed modelling // BLENDER 3d

first attempt, 3h, no edits

iam thinking of modeling a spacestation or something like that for visuals ..


blender camera T R A C K I N G

after using pftrack for so long i tried blenders internal camera tracker which turned out to be excellent 🙂

analog D R U M

so far i designed it for a trigger input, as midi implementation would be too expensive just for triggering one instrument on one note without velocity.

so its a simple trigger/gate input, that can be synched via a audio trigger

also there is a tubescreamer-clone circuit for distortion and a fenderstyle tone circuit

i have to estimate how much power it consumes, if its less then two 9V blocks, i probably make it battery driven, and/or i just use a power adapter

size is around a standard dvd cover

sony nex-5n camera rig M O C K U P




as i read a lot of comments in other forums, that the handle is probably a shotgun mic or the handle attaches to the hotshoe, let me clearify a few things:


first of all, this is my own fantasy, and i dont plan to build, sell or give away any of the rigs i built

secondly, its a handle, not a shotgun mic, as i would never ever use an onboard microphone on my cam

third, FOR SURE this handle is NOT attached to the hotshoe, as the nex5n has no hotshoe, and its clearly visible that the handle attaches to the cage

also the leitax adapter is bolted to the cage, so what yoou carry when holding the handle is only the leitax adapter.

on one side of the adapter, the cam is mounted. the cam does NOT touch anything else, so theres NO weight on the cams bayonett other than the cam itself

same goes for the lens


thats it, as the whole idea of the cage was to get weight OFF the bajonett

Leica X2 M O C K U P

Things i would like in the upcoming Leica X2


features i want

W E A T H E R S E A L E D ! ! ! ! !

30x30mm square sensor – BW only 16bit RAWs

direct drive manual focus, fixed prime lens equiv. 50mm

internal focus no moving lensparts

a clickstop on infinity to turn on autofocus

dedicated lockable buttons for : ISO/AF/exposure compensation/aperture/shutterspeed

four assignable user buttons/one clickwheel for menu etc

no back LCD but high resolution top LCD

factory installed soft release, i dont know why this isnt standard even with the 6k M9

all connections under a single sealed door at the bottom

focus indicator under hotshoe like in pro nikons for manual focusing


it would be cool to have a small prisma that you can attach via the hotshoe, thats like an angled viewfinder and looks at the top LCD, like on leicas with dedicated rangefidners and viewfinders. could show a magnified view of the AF point for example

and i would like to have a software that allows the user to define RGB and luminance curves and put them on the camera for jpeg processing


We still dont know how the mpc fly will look like, nor do we know what the akai mpc exactly is. All we know is its an ipad controller …

so i made a mockup 🙂


blender 3d // no postproduction

C O M P O S I T I N G test // night / rain

i started testing for the night scenes, the raindrops are overlayed, the rest is render output.

the colored lightning is made mostly by reading out the z-depth and converting it to a color map, where the nearest objects are colored slightly yellow, the mid objects are colored in blue, and the objects near the horizon are colored darkblue to black.

by this i try to make the viewer believe, that the yellow light next to the camera is made by the streetlights, without actually having real light sources as streetlights

there are 80 cars with raymirror material and semitransparent raymirror windshields, and 8 houseblocks with around 1200 raymirrored windows in it and rendertime is 2:20min for fullHD on one dualcore machine 🙂

iam rendering it on around 40 quadcore i7 imacs, so iam looking forward to render in near realtime ^^


RICOH GXR / Super 16mm // c o n c e p t

As RICOH can make virtually any sensor/mount combination, i made a concept for a super16mm mount.

Of course it should have:

  • a sensor that has exactly fullHD resolution
  • record in cinemaDNG
  • 1-24 fps in 8/12 bit
  • 1-60 fps in 8 bit
  • minimum one extra sd card slot
  • two HDMI live outputs
  • some kind of battery(pack) option
  • super 16 PL-mount, at least with an adapter
  • i wouldnt mind about a super35 version too, but i think for now we`re fine with 16mm

PS: I know thats basically the Ikonoskop A-cam dII, but i could never afford a 7k – super16 cam, so i thought .. because i kinda gave you the idea … so if you got one ready for me, just leave a post

car // c r a s h

there will be no carcrash in the story, but i wanted the path test to be as spectacular as possible 🙂

smoke sim broke down, and further testing is not needed, very work in progress hehe