RICOH GXR / Super 16mm // c o n c e p t

As RICOH can make virtually any sensor/mount combination, i made a concept for a super16mm mount.

Of course it should have:

  • a sensor that has exactly fullHD resolution
  • record in cinemaDNG
  • 1-24 fps in 8/12 bit
  • 1-60 fps in 8 bit
  • minimum one extra sd card slot
  • two HDMI live outputs
  • some kind of battery(pack) option
  • super 16 PL-mount, at least with an adapter
  • i wouldnt mind about a super35 version too, but i think for now we`re fine with 16mm

PS: I know thats basically the Ikonoskop A-cam dII, but i could never afford a 7k – super16 cam, so i thought .. because i kinda gave you the idea … so if you got one ready for me, just leave a post