sony nex-5n camera rig M O C K U P




as i read a lot of comments in other forums, that the handle is probably a shotgun mic or the handle attaches to the hotshoe, let me clearify a few things:


first of all, this is my own fantasy, and i dont plan to build, sell or give away any of the rigs i built

secondly, its a handle, not a shotgun mic, as i would never ever use an onboard microphone on my cam

third, FOR SURE this handle is NOT attached to the hotshoe, as the nex5n has no hotshoe, and its clearly visible that the handle attaches to the cage

also the leitax adapter is bolted to the cage, so what yoou carry when holding the handle is only the leitax adapter.

on one side of the adapter, the cam is mounted. the cam does NOT touch anything else, so theres NO weight on the cams bayonett other than the cam itself

same goes for the lens


thats it, as the whole idea of the cage was to get weight OFF the bajonett




2 responses to “sony nex-5n camera rig M O C K U P

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  2. Mauricio

    Great work man, nice day.

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