RICOH GXR / Super 16mm // c o n c e p t

As RICOH can make virtually any sensor/mount combination, i made a concept for a super16mm mount.

Of course it should have:

  • a sensor that has exactly fullHD resolution
  • record in cinemaDNG
  • 1-24 fps in 8/12 bit
  • 1-60 fps in 8 bit
  • minimum one extra sd card slot
  • two HDMI live outputs
  • some kind of battery(pack) option
  • super 16 PL-mount, at least with an adapter
  • i wouldnt mind about a super35 version too, but i think for now we`re fine with 16mm

PS: I know thats basically the Ikonoskop A-cam dII, but i could never afford a 7k – super16 cam, so i thought .. because i kinda gave you the idea … so if you got one ready for me, just leave a post


seven minutes

Join Markus Carr on a weekend trip to Kassel Germany for the Red Bull “King Of The Rock 2011” German Finals.

Very special thanks to Red Bull and the KOTR team.


Filmed with a Fujifilm X100, which was nice because no one guessed i was shooting video, but very limited because of absolutely no control in video.

Fuji please, there is still time for an update, just let us lock the exposure, we are not asking for fancy stuff like manual focus in movie mode hehe