car // c r a s h

there will be no carcrash in the story, but i wanted the path test to be as spectacular as possible 🙂

smoke sim broke down, and further testing is not needed, very work in progress hehe


blender // a t h m o s p h e r e

two tests of blenders athmosphere simulation

also a test how far its possible to drive the modifierstack of the house, 10×10 duplicates, relief etc

character // r e m o d e l i n g

i changed the main character to a more cartoony look.
most changes are in modeling, but also the rendernodes and material shader nodes are finetuned to be more cartoony and less realistic.

voice-acting // a n n o u n c e m e n t

good news everyone!

My dear friend, Mr Markus Carr joined my film today.
He will do voice-acting, and hopefully also contributes ideas how to fix my otherwise lousy plot^^

We will start testing the workflow for lipsync as soon as modeling is finished, which will be around May/June.

for more information on Markus Carr visit his wikipedia entry,

and/or watch this video